Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Charms now online

Charms now online!

Parents and students please visit to login for updated information regarding chorus events and information.  Go to login and choose the Parent/Student/Members tab and the school code is Wheelerchoir.  The password has been set up by your student.  Once you have accessed the site, please check the "update info" section to make sure all contact information is current.  It should include phone number and email for both the student and parent.  It is imperative that this information is correct since it is what we use as our contact hub.  Under the file and handout section, the course syllabus and handbook documents are available.  Please print out, sign, and return the Blanket Field Trip Permission form.  We need these for any chorus trips outside of the school throughout the year.  It gives permission for the entire year so you do not have to fill out a permission form for each event.  Thank you!

-John Perry 

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