Monday, February 26, 2018

Week of February 26

Remember Tuesday 2/27 is the chorus concert in the Wheeler PAC. Students are to arrive by 6:00pm dressed in concert attire (tuxedos and concert dresses). Concert begins at 7:00pm and is free. Invite friends and family. 
Bel Voce will perform at Lassiter HS on Friday 3/2 for Large Group Performance Evaluation. Our performance is at 12:00pm at the Lassiter Concert Hall. It is free and family is welcome to attend. Bel Voce members will miss 2nd and 3rd block on Friday. Concert attire will be worn as well.

Musical Theatre: Listen to tracks and follow schedule on Mrs. Coleman's blog. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Week of February 6

Choirs: Be sure that you have your uniform all ready for the concert on February 27. This will be our last formal concert that you wear the tuxedo/dress. Bel Voce, the sightreading is improving everyday. Let's hone in on our LGPE pieces to get them as polished as possible. Chorale, two of our pieces are coming along nicely, Ocean and Stars, and Irish blessing. We still need to work on Ev'ry Time and Now I walk in Beauty.

Musical Theatre: Good progress musically. Ensemble scenes of Freak Flag and Forever still need to be worked out. Check the schedule to know where you go and when.